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Job Description

A detailed requirements analysis of your vacancy is the basis of every recruitment project. In an open dialogue, you define a realistic requirement profile together with your personal, specialist personnel consultant. You will receive an honest assessment from us of the filling options for your vacancy and the time required to search for the final vacancy.

Your added value: You benefit from our extensive technical and methodological competence.

Candidate search and approach

Based on the requirements analysis, suitable specialists for your vacancy are identified and approached. We use all targeted channels of modern personnel search, such as placing advertisements in relevant job exchanges, addressing selected candidates directly, addressing candidates via relevant job boards and social networks, as well as using our excellent, international candidate network.

Your added value: You use our excellent, international candidate network.

Preselection and presentation

The aim of our candidate search should not be to identify the most highly qualified applicant, but to select the “right” employee for you. That’s why we check not only the professional but also the personal skills of the candidates. We guarantee that the selection process will comply with the law, in accordance with the provisions of the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG). Only after detailed, structured qualification interviews with the most suitable candidates, we will present them to you using a summary drawn up by us in combination with the individual application documents of the candidates.

Your added value: The qualification is carried out holistically by our experienced personnel consultants.

Job interviews

You go into the individual application process with your preferred candidate. We support you with efficient scheduling and prepare both you and the candidate for getting to know each other. As an intermediary, we ensure open and timely feedback with both parties and clarify open questions if necessary.

Your added value: The interview process is carried out efficiently and transparently.

Hiring process and follow-up support

We are at your side as consultants during the decision-making phase. Upon request, we will moderate the contract negotiations and ensure that both parties are satisfied with the result. We advise your new employee on the termination of the current employer as well as on possible questions about change of residence. Even after a successful placement, we are available to you as a contact at any time.

Your added value: You will receive competent advice from us, even beyond the hiring process.

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